Daejeon Woori Hospital is the leading hospital specialized in spine and joint. Thank you for visiting Daejeon Woori Hospital. Daejeon Woori Hospital was established in December 2003 and has been steadily expanded for last 11 years, becoming a core medical institute both domestically and globally indeed and not in name. Daejeon Woori Hospital was established with the aims of performing accurate diagnosis, screening and treatment, contributing to the medical development and enhancement of nation through treatment and diagnosis with our devotion during the daytime and academic supports and treatment with our passion during the nighttime. With the only hospital certified as medical institute in Daejeon area, designated by the ministry of Health and Welfare in last November 2013.

Daejeon Woori Hospital is the nation's best hospital specialized in spine with its branches in Cheongju and Suncheon. The biggest driving force for us to be firmly placed as the nation's best spine hospital is your support and attention. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to our patients once again. We will continue exerting our utmost efforts and devotion on improving medical environment, adapting the latest medical equipment and self-development of each medical professional in order to In the future, we all will be continuously committed to grow into the world's best hospital, as well as hospital contributes to community and country.

Representative Director of hospital