Spine & Joint function treatment Center

We are dedicated to deliver the best care for each and every patient. We seek the best outcome of the patient by providing individualized treatment plan that no one treatment or surgery fits to all. We try to improve the quality of each patient's life by treating the condition by least invasive way as possible and the physical therapy is one of them.

Various Exercise Therapy Program : we are equipped with numerous machines for the physical therapy. To name a few MedX, Gyrotonic and Sling, these help the patient with the chronic back pain, spinal scoliosis and etc.

Post-Operative Recovery : We encourage our patients to have the exercise therapy after the surgery to increase the spinal muscle strength which may enhance the recovery from the residual pain from the surgery, recovery of the spinal joint function, and prevent recurrence of the condition. The exercise therapy is recommended to start 4-6 weeks after the surgery.

Non-surgical patients : We offer physical therapy to the patients with sports injuries, chronic back pain but not a candidate for a surgery, and back pain due to weak back muscle.