Clinical Services

We aim to improve the patients' health and well-being with the quality treatment and seamless care to meet each patient's needs and expectations.
  • Personalized medical system for seamless care

    We provide customized patient care with coordinated team works of spine surgery, orthopedic surgery, neurology and internal medicine, anesthesiology, family medicine and radiology. It is necessary since many of our patients have other coexisting chronic medical conditions that demands comprehensive care. We have 22 doctors of different specialty to coordinate and work together to meet this aim.

  • We have customized nursing system for each individual to respond and meet each patient’s needs.

    This provides instant and active communication between the patient and the medical professionals to meet patient's exact needs throughout the hospital stay.

  • Everyday morning Conference

    We have a daily morning conference where all the medical professionals meet and discuss the best treatment options for the patients.