Clinical Services

Daejeon Woori Hospital improves your health by high quality treatment and warm helping hand of the best medical team.
  • We are operating customer-personalized medical system for spine and jotnt.

    Rather than a single docter cares a single patients, 21 medical professionals in each department work together to care a single patient, which is operated by integrated medical system. 21 medical professionals in each field (neurosurgery, orthopedics, cardiothoracic surgery, family medicine, radiology, anesthetic pain) are helping each other in order to give exact screening and treatment.

  • We are also operating nursing system customized on each patient to provide a quick medical service.

    This nursing system has promoted an active communication between patient and medical professional. We are providing service to each customer on right time and quickly addressing the patients' complaints during the medical and surgical processes.

  • Meeting is held in every morning with all medical professionals.

    In this meeting, the ways to recheck the screening and treatment and seek a better treatment are discussed for all patients