Spine Center

We have performed more than 35,000 spine surgeries since the first day of the hospital. With the excellent clinical and surgical experiences that we have accumulated over the years, we put patients' safety above all.
Spine disorder should be treated properly according to its condition and its stage.

We manage the spinal disorder with the conservative treatments initially as much as possible. These managements may be: physiotherapy, medications, exercise, and life style modification. When the patient's condition doesn't respond to the conservative treatments, appropriate surgical treatments can be applied such as conventional spine surgery, minimally invasive spine surgery, or standard inter body fusion. The minimally invasive spine surgery leaves nearly unnoticeable scar and it can be done with no blood transfusion and under local anesthesia.

Back Surgery
Types of Spine Surgeries Available: Percutaneous vertebroplasty, microsurgical discectomy, microsurgical spinal balloon adhesiolysis and decompression artificial disc replacement, posterior interspinous locker fixation
Neck Surgery
Types of Spine Surgeries Available: Microsurgical discectomy, Anterior lumbar interbody fusion and discectomy, Cervical spine laminoplasty