Non-Surgical Spine and Joint center

With the spinal specialists and health care professionals, we provide most effective and proper treatment as least invasive as possible. We try to minimize the pain, scar, tissue damage, recovery time and hospital stay. And this is the reason why the non-surgical or minimally invasive treatments are preferred.
(Intramuscular Stimulation)
IMS is a technique that uses a specialized needle which is inserted directly into the affected muscle in order to stimulate and facilitate the healing process. This is to release or lengthen the muscle that are causing chronic musculoskeletal or neuropathic pain.
(Fluoroscopy guided Interventional Microadhesiolysis
and muscle Stimulation)
This treatment may be done in OPD clinic and the IMS needle is inserted to the affected area under the guidance of the real time fluoroscopy to relax muscle and relieve the compressed nerves. This procedure enables the patient to return to the daily routine right away.
(Percutaneous Endoscopic Radiofrequency Annuloplaty)
This procedure decompress and restore the disc space with the use of high frequency heat without surgery. This allows more accurate and precise results.
(Percutaneous Epidural Neuroplasty)
This procedure may be recommended to mild disc herniation or spinal stenosis that has fail to respond to the other treatments such as FIMS, or shows serious disc symptoms. The catheter is placed around the affected spinal nerve to loosen the nerve then the drug is injected